What is the relationship between altitude and barometric pressure? 100. If the density of air increases, what does that due to pressure? 101. Define pressure gradient. 102. Which force points toward the center of rotation? 103. What is the average sea-level pressure? 104. Friction decreases wind speeds and the magnitude of what force? 105. Which direction does Coriolis Force deflect wind in the Northern Hemisphere? 106. Describe how the counterclockwise gradient wind is formed in the upper levels. 107. How does air flow around a surface cyclone in the Northern Hemisphere? 108. Which force is influenced by the speed of the wind and the latitude where the wind blows? 109. How is the geostrophic wind created? 110. Which force is only found in the boundary layer? 111. What is a trough? 112. What is a wind rose? 113. What are gradient/upper air winds? 114. What causes the pressure differences that creates wind? 115. What is atmospheric pressure “corrected” to sea level?