What Kind of Groups of People are Most Likely to Die by Suicide.

What Kind of Groups of People are Most Likely to Die by Suicide.


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1 pts One of the defining characteristics of somatic symptom and related disorders is that there is a loss of ability to be self-motivated, as well as severe physical disturbances. there is a pathological level of overwhelming anxiety that disturbs functioning. there is a loss of contact with reality and an inability to distinguish what is real from what isn’t. there is no physical cause for the symptoms reported by the sufferer.

Question 39 When reviewing the causes and factors that contribute to somatic symptom and related disorders, it is clear that O causes vary considerably depending on the specific somatic symptom and related disorder, O genetics and biology play virtually no role in their prevalence. there is a strong possibility that patients are malingering, O the overall rate of somatic symptom and related disorders is higher in Western cultures,

Question 44  According to research, approximately percent of people in North America and Europe are likely to deal with a depressive disorder at some point in their lives.

Question 45  Which of the following groups of people are most likely to die by suicide? European American males between forty-five and sixty-five years of age People over seventy-five O Adolescents African American females

s Question 46 People who talk about suicide are unlikely to attempt suicide more likely to try it than the general population most often men women do not talk about suicide in advance. more likely to actually kill themselves than are people who attempt suicide but don’t talk about it

Question 47 1 pts Which of the following is not associated with an elevated risk for suicide? Giving away possessions Making a specific plan Having the personality trait of conscientiousness Waming others of the intention to commit suicide

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