What Positive Factors Would Work in the Health Education Specialist’s Favor

What Positive Factors Would Work in the Health Education Specialist’s Favor


Paper instructions:

Uujecuve lidl you seleuleu! Fleuse unswer in 1-2 puges. 2. Part 2 (25 points): If you were trying to help a friend stop smoking at the friend’s request, what behavior change theory would you use to develop the intervention to help your friend? Define why you selected this theory and explain how you would apply each of the constructs. Please include the model with all the relevant labels. You can create your model using Microsoft word, adobe, paint, etc. or you can also hand draw your model. If you choose to hand draw your model, please ensure that any written words are legible and clearly written. Please answer in 2-3 pages. 3. Part 3 (25 points): If you had the opportunity to develop (3) new health education/health promotion programs, one at each level of the three levels of prevention (primary, secondary. tertiary) for the community in which you live, what would they be? Who would be the priority population? Why did you choose to create the (3) programs? Please answer in 1-2 pages. 4. Part 4 (25 points): If a Health Education Specialist, trained in the year 2019, could time travel back to the middle ages, what impact could that person have on health problems on that era? What positive factors would work in the health education specialist’s favor? What negative factors would work against the health education specialist? Please answer in 1-2 pages. 1 . mar. O moes written work and I page as the

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