Name three structural components of nucleotides, types, their polymers and name two importance roles inside the cell [24% Points] A) Nucleotide three structural component: [6 points) 1) 2) 3) B) Types of nucleotides and examples of each: [6 points] 1) 2) C) How polynucleotides are formed with an example (Draw it) [6 points) D) Two important roles of nucleotides inside the body. [What structures are included in the “large intestine” that are not parts of the “colon”? is covered by 5. The portion of a tooth above the gum line, called the which is the hardest biologically manufactured substance. 6. Explain the difference between “vill” and “microvill”. 7. Describe the location of each of the following sphincters. – lleocecal – Lower Esophageal (Cardiac) Pyloric 8. Folds in the gastric mucosa, called flatten out to allow the stomach to distend.