Why Being Abused As A Child Leads To Substance Abuse And Violence As An Adult

Why Being Abused As A Child Leads To Substance Abuse And Violence As An Adult


Prepare a short essay in APA format. Short essays are usually 500-750 words and 2-3 pages. Each answer must consist of: 1. An Introduction paragraph, which contains a minimum of two sentences that introduces your answer to the reader and establishes a foundation for the remainder of your answer. Refer to the grading rubric in CM tab for reference as it relates to grading.
Choose any 1 of the following:
1) Testing Violent Brains:

You have been experimenting with various techniques in order to identify a surefire method for predicting violent behavior in delinquents. Your procedure involves brain scans, DNA testing, and blood analysis. Used with samples on incarcerated adolescents, your procedure has been able to distinguish with 75 percent accuracy between youths with a history of violence and those who are exclusively property offenders. Your research indicates that if all youths were tested with your techniques, potentially violence-prone career criminals could easily identified for special treatment. For example, children in the local school system could be tested, and those identified as violence prone could be carefully monitored by teachers. Those at risk for future violence could be put into special programs as a precaution. Some of your colleagues argue that type of testing is unconstitutional because it violates the subjects’ Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. There is also the problem of error: some children may be falsely labeled as violence prone.

Write an essay addressing the issue of predicting antisocial behavior. Address such issues as the following: Is it fair or ethical to label people as potentially criminal and violent, even though they have not yet exhibited any antisocial behavior? Do the risks of such a procedure outweigh its benefits?

2) Rough Justice

The planning director for the State Department of Juvenile Justice has asked for your advice on how to reduce the threat of chronic offenders. Some of the more conservative members of her staff seem to believe that these kids need a strict dose of rough justice if they are to be turned away from a life of crime. They believe juvenile delinquents who are punished harshly are less likely to recidivate than youths who receive lesser punishments, such as community corrections or probation. In addition, they believe that hard-core violent offenders deserve to be punished; excessive concern for offenders, and not enough concern for their acts, ignores the rights of victims and society in general. The planning director is unsure whether such an approach can reduce the threat of chronic offending. She is concerned that a strategy stressing punishment will have relatively little impact on chronic offenders and, if anything, may cause escalation in their serious criminal behaviors. She has asked you for your professional advice.

Write an essay explaining both sides of the issue,comparing the potential effects of stigma and labeling with the need for control and security. Explain how you would handle chronic offenders, and tie your answer to the aging-out process. 3) Spare the Rod, Eliminate the Needle

The director of your state’s Department of Human Services has asked you to evaluate a self-report survey of adolescents aged 12 to 18. She has provided you with the following information on physical abuse. Adolescents experiencing abuse or violence are at a high risk of immediate and lasting negative effects on their health and well being. Of the middle school students surveyed, an alarming 1 in 5 (21 percent) said they had been physically abused. Of the older students, aged 15 to 18 (29 percent) said they had been physically abused. Younger students ages 10 and 11, also reported significant rates of abuse: 17 percent responded “yes” when asked whether they had been physically abused. Although girls were far less likely to report abuse than boys, 12 percent said they had been physically abused. Most abuse occurs at home, it occurs more than once, and the abuser is usually a family member. More than half of those physically abused had tried alcohol and drugs, and 60 percent had admitted to committing a violent act. Nonabused children were significantly less likely to abuse substances, and only 30 percent indicated that they had committed a violent act.
Write an essay describing why being abused as a child leads to substance abuse and violence as an adult. In your essay, interpret these findings from environmental. socialization, psychological, and biological points of view, and provide evidence supporting each prospective.

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