Instructions: Write a critical response to ONE of the 3 assigned articles on the gig economy in Week 7 Pick out one or two ideas in the article and respond to them (do not respond to all the ideas). Do not agree with the author 100% and do not confuse the author’s ideas for your ideas. You need to have an opinion that is different from the writer’s opinion ! Do not summarize the article. Instead, use quotations and paraphrase in order to identify ideas in the article—ideas that you agree or disagree with. Note the correct format for in-text citation below.



Organize your ideas in paragraph structure. That is, have a thesis, a very short introduction, and body paragraphs. Two body paragraphs are appropriate. A conclusion is not necessary. Write 400-500 words. 400 words is a minimum. 500 is a maximum. 


Your thesis should state YOUR IDEA in response to the writer’s idea. In other words, your idea should come FIRST and then you should explain why this idea is different from the writer’s idea, by referring to the writer. Do not simply say “I disagree with Harari for many reasons” at the start of your paragraph – be more specific.

Include a References list (refer to the APA template file). Post your work on the discussion board for Week 2. Copy and paste from a Word document so as to avoid formatting issues within BlackBoard.