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In a well-organized, well-supported essay of at least 650 – 800 words, critically respond to the article
“Why the Gig Economy is the best and worst development for workers under 30”


There is an overview of the critical response essay (YOUR ESSAY) in the introduction
There is a thesis in the introduction
The conclusion reviews the main ideas and thesis of the essay
Body paragraphs contain topic sentences and concluding sentences
Transition words are used well

Critical thinking and knowledge
Response shows a clear understanding of the reading
The essay critically responds to the reading in one or more of the following ways: –
Disagreeing with the main idea
Disagreeing with a supporting idea
Disagreeing with effects or causes noted in the reading
Extending an idea in the reading by applying it to another situation or case
Extending an idea in the reading by considering it in a different context
Extending the reading by applying its idea(s) to a different group of people or
Extending the reading by showing how its ideas apply to a different time
Explaining what the author(s) is missing out

APA style
Quotations and paraphrases are correctly integrated
You must quote the reading
You must paraphrase the reading
In-text citations are used to indicate all ideas/words taken from other sources
The reading is listed properly in a References page

Grammar, spelling and word use

Writing is clear and concise throughout
Correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar

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