We all are moving through the process of learning the roles of an advanced practice nurse.  As this journey of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner continues, there are a few aspects we must learn and follow along the way.  The advanced practice nurse must learn how to master the core competencies, understand their leadership style, and recognize the elements of role transition.According to Chan, the NP core competencies are Guidance and Coaching, Consultation, Evidence-based Practice, Leadership, Collaboration, and Ethical Decision Making.  These core competencies are areas we should already be implementing during patient care as a registered nurse.  Moreover, these core competencies demonstrate the skills and knowledge that all NPs, regardless of focus, should possess.  However, ways to attain basic mastery in each domain would be to build a trusting relationship with both the patients you are providing care for and individuals within other disciplines, develop and maintain effective communication skills, completely understand the code of ethics, provide care ensuring it is based with evidence, and motivate individuals while maintaining positivity even in stressful environments (Chan, 2020).It has been discovered that transformational leadership is a leadership style in advanced practice.  Hamric informs, transformational leadership continuously talk to the team asking about the goals, and if there is anything that can be done differently.  Transformational leaders motivate the team by interacting with them in ways that stimulate people to react positively and understanding we all have the same goal to achieve.  Maintaining a positive attitude promotes the unity of a team.  While working in critical care, all you have is each other to call/count on when things go downhill.  There is no code team because you are the code team (Hamric, 2019).During the process of transitioning from an RN to an APN, there are elements of role transition acquired by individuals in this situation.  Role strain and role stress are two elements that are being experienced at this time.  The role strain is the feeling of frustration and tension due to the role stress caused by a few things.  While working full-time, PRN, and balancing mom life, learning the new expectations and methods of completing tasks at a new school have been the primary causes of the role stress.  There have been several technical issues causing issues for the assignments to be completed in a timely manner and /or limiting the ability for communication to take place which has been an additional cause of role stress.All in all, we will learn and grow as we face the challenges thrown our way.  Thoroughly understanding the core competencies, discovering your leadership style, and maintaining positive while dealing with the elements of role transitions will improve the abilities of those pursuing Advanced Practice Nursing.


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