There are 2 purposes of this assignment. The first is for the class to become familiar with diagnoses in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition. The second purpose is to

June 11, 2021

Instructions: Go to, click on developmental tab. then scroll to adulthood and the movie clip:Dealing with the Office BullyThis piece from the Good Morning America radio show disc

June 11, 2021


Working with DISH Network Company, complete the following:

  1. Identify the company’s domestic environment and discuss how the government regulations affect its domestic environment it must operate in.
  2. Identify a global environment for the company and discuss how the government regulations affect its global environment it must operate in.
  3. Identify the hard and soft technology and interpret the characteristics the company should have/use to be successful in its domestic and global environment.
  4. Identify the political-legal barriers for the company in both the domestic and global environments. Use business theory/theorists to illustrate how the company can operate successfully in its domestic and global environment.
  5. Identify, compare, and contrast sociocultural factors of the domestic and global environments of the company.
  6. Compare and contrast two economic theories for both the domestic and global environments of the company.


  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation of your strategy of success based on your evaluation of steps 1-6 by assessing what you’ve learned through your research and readings. Compare what the company has been doing to what you recommend they should be doing. You cannot state that you would not change anything.
  • Your presentation should be 12-14 slides to discuss your findings in response to the topics above.
  • Be sure to include speaker’s notes OR create a video of yourself giving the presentation. You can do this using Kaltura tool and your laptop or mobile device (on the toolbar between the movie clip and the insert table icons).
  • You must incorporate critical thinking (see resources).
  • Research requirement: minimum 5 scholarly sources PLUS the text/readings and Geert Hofstede.


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