World Energy Resources – academic acers

World Energy Resources – academic acers


Task 4.4.4 Multiple intelligences
You have been asked to teach the topic ‘Energy Resources’ to Year 7, based on
the QCA Scheme of Work (DfEE/QCA, 2000).
List possible methods that you could include in lessons under each of Gardner’s multiple intelligence headings and link these to particular learning outcomes indicated in the scheme of work. Is it possible to use all 8/9 ways of learning to meet any one particular learning outcome? If so, explain how this could be done. If not, identify a learning outcome that can be met by most methods.

Task 4.4.5 Evaluating learning styles
Consider the possible benefits for including learning styles as an important consideration in planning teaching and organizing learning together with critiques from those who counsel caution. Where do you stand in relation to this debate and why? Why do you think learning styles are so popular with a lot of teachers? This is an area of considerable controversy and it will be important for you to think carefully about your stance throughout your practice as you seek to draw positively on the work in this field. Seek to try out strategies with your groups on teaching practice in the light of discussions with tutors and mentors. In evaluating impact take care to consider other possible explanations.

For more information on World Energy Resources read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_energy_resources

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