write a discussion Task 1: Company Name

write a discussion Task 1: Company Name


Task 1: Company Name:

Here you have to select a company that you will use for your final project. You will have to analyze this company throughout the course, so select it carefully. You have the option to select any company, but I would suggest a small business where you have access to its information. You can select your own business or a business you plan to start or any other small business. In this task, you need to write the name of the company you selected and a few lines on why you selected this particularly. There is no wrong answer. You reason could be any reason that makes sense.

Lesson 1: Company Description:

In Task 1, you selected your company. Here in Lesson 1, you need to provide a detailed description of this company. Describe the background of the company. Your assignment should be at least one page. Please include the following information:

  • Describe the firm. How old is it? What industry (or industries) is the firm active in? What products or services does it sell? Who are its principal competitors? Is it active internationally? How many employees does it have?
  • Who is the CEO? How long has she/he been in the position? What has been the career track of the CEO?


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