You MUST paraphrase all content.  Paraphrasing means putting all ideas in your own words.  Review these resources on paraphrasing before beginning this assignment.

Choice 2: Desertification and the Soil

Watch this video, and address the following 4 topics.  Each response must be at least one paragraph in length.

1. Describe soil and its roles in agriculture.  Address how long it takes for soil to form and the challenges of arid soil.

2. Describe how human activities cause desertification including desertification’s impacts on soil and the role of modern agriculture in causing Desertification.

2. Discuss who is impacted by desertification including which continents are impacted and the role of an increasing population.

3. Describe at least two approaches to reduce the problem of Desertification.

4. Discuss what you found most interesting and how Desertification may impact your life.